You Must Go Shark Watching in La Jolla

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leopard sharks la jolla article

Why go shark watching in La Jolla? What makes the Leopard shark popular to the area? Well every year, hundreds of these species related to elasmobranch fish and nurse sharks, gather a mile south to the shores of what is known as the gem of San Diego California.

What or Where is La Jolla?

At this spectacular location, there is nothing quite like the breathtaking view of the seaside in the coastal town of La Jolla, a particular coastal spot where any shark watcher should be vested in. There are many areas here where these leopard sharks can be spotted, not to mention other cool places to explore in the town from restaurants, scenic coves, cave exploration, a homeland to dolphins, from low soaring birds to sea lions lying ever-so lazily on a pier. Surely though, you would not want to miss out on a chance to catch a glimpse of these particular species of shark native to California waters.

Are Leopard sharks dangerous to humans?

Typically, no.

In fact, they are quite friendly. Leopard sharks visit the coast frequently between July and August and are known to be harmless around humans at least 99 percent of them on record. But initially, one of the prime spots to watch them is in front of the Marine room restaurant in La Jolla shores, and while the beach is fairly populated with bat rays, seals and guitar-fish, many of the shark gatherings consist of pregnant females occupying the warm and shallow surfaces of the water. Usually, they situate there to incubate their embryos. Also, they have less of a regional distance to go and feed.

Commonly, leopard sharks are ectothermic beings and rely on environmental heat sources much similar to amphibians and reptiles. They will also retreat to the canyon by evening and night to feed on invertebrates, small fish, crab, lobster and squid. So, the daytime really is the perfect opportunity for the ultimate shark watching experience. Easily find yourself smitten by the sunbathed summer habitat in this San Diego hot spot, the shore cliffs glistening in the sun under a clear blue sky, everything alive around you all the time in stunning nature.

Everyone Is Fascinated By Leopard Sharks

For any visitor, sightseer, photographer, researcher, globetrotter, families and residents abroad, hesitate not to flock to areas like marine room beach, where you will discover a thing as watching leopard sharks in La Jolla something of a truly rewarding slice of the American landscape. It’s places like these that will give you the happiest and most satisfying feeling. Your jaw simply drops by the magnificence of these creatures, their trust in us, our proximity from them in the water as the majority of them, gestating mothers maintaining the balance of our ecosystem.

Much like whale watching in a sense, your heart becomes enamored by these animal passivities toward human presence, meanwhile something happens to your senses. Your mind expands as you fix your eyes on the spotted bodies of these creatures, reeling in the soul-touching experience. Then again, it’s just incredible to be up close and personal especially if you so desire to take a GoPro camera, find yourself a good snorkeling company and get in the water. So you must! Just be cautious of small stingrays and try to avoid stepping on one. What you may need to try is a stingray shuffle where you keep your feet on the ground shuffling them one foot in front of the other. Surely, while many different sharks occupy the sea, there’s nothing to really bite your nails over.

Watching leopard sharks close in their natural environment is nothing short of matter of fact awesome, thrilling, and awe-inspiring. Shark watching as a past time truly gives us all a deep sense of appreciation for the world we live in. Explore this ecological reserve of coastal wealth, pure joy for a perfect trip as you disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life, watch the surfers, take part in surfing, kayaking by the pier and find free parking included (among a few guidelines). You can sit on benches and enjoy many views up high, and be sure to check out the tide chart as well. Observe that the beach water is moderately clear from murky, and typically every summer you will never see so many Leopard sharks gathered in one place. It is a truly remarkable thing to witness let alone experience for yourself.

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