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What is an international driver's license?

An International Driver’s License translation is just that – a translation of your home license so that if you are stopped by someone who does not understand English they can flip through the translation booklet to find their language and translate the information on your license and passport into their own language.

The International Driver’s license translation is a convenience – it makes it so that if you are stopped while driving the officer can easily know the name, address, etc. of the driver receiving the summons, and process the necessary paperwork in less time than might have been possible without the translation. Our suggestion is simple – don’t do anything (speeding, dangerous driving) that might get you pulled over, and obey all the rules of the road.

What an international driver's license is NOT

It is not an official license that grants you permission to drive internationally. There is no DMV office at the United Nations that administers driving tests – (if you have ever drove on the east side of Manhattan you’d know that this is not an ideal location for driving tests). You think the line at you DMV is long? Can you imagine the line at a DMV in the United Nations?

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