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Henry Roy, my father, believed in customer service. When he founded Europe By Car® in 1954, he made a commitment to service that continues to this day.

Once a day for 45 years he answered the phone alongside our agents. Posing as "Charles", he answered questions, quoted rates and took orders.

Once a year he took his annual European vacation where, impersonating a customer, he saw for himself what happened when our clients arrived at the airport expecting a car on time.

We still follow his example.

Airport Car-Rental staff never recognize me.

I answer the phone a couple of times a day as "Charles Jr."

I read news groups, constantly answering questions and learning what travelers need and want.

Anyone can e-mail the President, and he'll actually respond. Try

Most of Europe By Car?'s staff has worked here for more than 10 years, so if you're an old client, you know you can always hear a familiar voice. If you're a new client, try and ask for the same agent the next time around. You'd be surprised how many clients our agents remember year after year.

Everyone knows that a person can have an off day leading to an awkward moment and (Heaven forbid) a mistake. If that ever happens to you when dealing with Europe By Car?, don't hesitate to ask for a manager. We only have a couple of them - they're never hard to find. Of course, you may always contact me directly. I'm in front of a computer at least 12 hours a day, and I respond pretty quickly.


Alexander Roy
Europe By Car, Inc.

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